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Get Paid
40% Uncapped Recurring
Commission With SmarterQueue's Partner Program

Best Recurring Affiliate Program For Marketers

Join today to see all of our offers inside our powerful Partner Program,

designed for your success!

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Why Become a
SmarterQueue Partner?

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Earn Up To 40% Uncapped Recurring Commission

Unlock the potential of your content like never before with 40% UNCAPPED recurring commission FOR LIFE, with unlimited earning potential, providing a significant boost to your income with monthly payouts!


Prizes and Promotions For Top Partners

Regular incentives, bonuses, and promotions to ignite your motivation and reward your efforts.


Free Partner Training

Step-by step instructions and guidance from our team of marketing experts, alongside our pre-filled social media automatic posting planner (coming soon)! Reap the benefits of our tried and tested strategies.


High Converting Landing Pages (30%)+ and Creative Library

Access high converting promotional assets, training guides, and helpful tips and tricks in our extensive library of marketing assets to effortlessly promote SmarterQueue.


Tiered Success System

Earn more, the more you promote SmarterQueue. Your efforts are compounding with our recurring revenue earning system.


World-Class Support

Lean on our friendly team ready to support and guide you on your journey We always have your back because our partnership is more than just earning you lots of money.


100% Free To Join

Our program is FREE to join so you have nothing to lose. Paired with our extensive free training, we have your success in mind. That’s why our conversion rates are industry leading! 


180-Day Cookie Window

Maximize your earnings with our generous cookie window.


Helpful Performance Reports

Optimize your performance by adding unique tracking parameters and monitoring your performance with personal reports.

Risk-free. Takes less than 20 seconds!

What Our Happy Partners Are Saying

"Helps cover your bills!"

“I’ve actually never had to really pay for my account because of my referrals, I’m able to share my love for SmarterQueue with the people I work with and my students. I’ve been able to earn back on that, so I definitely recommend SmarterQueue if you’re looking to work with a tool that is awesome, amazing, and helps you, and then it also helps to cover your bills as well, it’s a win-win for everyone!”

Chelsea Clarke

Digital Course Creator

"The SmarterQueue Partner Program pays really well"

"I became a SmarterQueue Partner when one of my clients said how great my social media looked and he wanted the same. Everybody I speak to absolutely loves SmarterQueue! As a Partner Program, it’s been brilliant, The support is amazing, and whenever I ask for help for anything, everyone gets back to me really quickly. I use SmarterQueue myself so it’s brilliant to be able to get something back from it. I really love SmarterQueue, that’s why I’m here."

Jennifer Heppell

Tech VA

"I’ve had great success with the Partner Program"

"My process is to onboard people into SmarterQueue, they send me their pictures and I get to create the dialogue and schedule for the posts to recycle. That’s how I’ve been using the SmarterQueue Partner Program. It’s my Bread and butter because I’m really good at it."

Chrissie Keillor

Yoga Instructor & Social Media Manager

"I have a business background, so I took their advice and ran with it"

"With SmarterQueue’s Partner Program, I use my unique link to refer people to SmarterQueue. I’m part of business and professional women's groups, and I’ve gotten success off of that. What’s not to love?  SmarterQueue is just getting better and easier.

Alisa Kharis

Legal Entrepreneur

"My income from the SmarterQueue Partner Program is always a happy surprise!"

"I joined the SmarterQueue Partner Program because people were asking me what I use for social media. SmarterQueue has literally saved us a metric crap tonne of time in terms of how we create our content and it is awesome to be able to have a lot of content ready to go at any time."

Angela Mondor

Business Consultant

Linda, a SmarterQueue Partner, Just Like You, Rakes in Over $1,335 in Monthly Passive Income!

Picture the Possibilities – Transform Your Life with a Stream of Passive Income Every Month...

Results Per Month With SQ.png

Risk-free. Takes less than 20 seconds!


SmarterQueue Is The Ultimate Social Media Game-Changer!

It's a one-stop solution that simplifies and supercharges your social media management. From smart scheduling to AI curated content and powerful analytics, SmarterQueue helps you optimize your presence and dominate the social media game. Say goodbye to stress and hello to social media success with SmarterQueue!

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Trusted By Thousands

Join our market-leading affiliate program today and experience the extraordinary potential of SmarterQueue, the game-changing social media management platform trusted by thousands of businesses and influencers worldwide.

It's An Easy Sell!

Our innovative and intuitive platform is designed to supercharge your social media efforts. 


Say goodbye to manual scheduling and content repetition. With advanced features such as an Ai caption writer, intelligent content recycling, audience targeting, and powerful analytics, SmarterQueue automates your social media workflow and posting, saving you time and delivering exceptional social media and business growth results.

Risk-free. Takes less than 20 seconds!

How it works

Are You A Good Fit?

SmarterQueue’s Affiliate Program is for content creators who want to monetize their content and help busy people grow effortlessly on social media.

We’d love to partner with you if you’re a:

jurica-koletic-7YVZYZeITc8-unsplash (1).jpg

Affiliate Marketer Specializing In Software and Digital Tools

Image by Ludovic Migneault

SaaS Reviewer

Image by Soundtrap

Business Podcaster, Network or Aggregator

christina-wocintechchat-com-SJvDxw0azqw-unsplash (1).jpg

Social Media/Marketing Creator or Industry Voice

Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng

Digital Course Creator or Educator

darius-bashar-Qzpqhe9bC3U-unsplash (1)_e

Author of Digital Marketing Books

Image by Radu Florin

Marketing or Social Media Agency Owner

Image by Windows

Professional Blogger or Newsletter Creator

jonas-kakaroto-KIPqvvTOC1s-unsplash (1).jpg

Creators and Entrepreneurs With Large Audiences

Or maybe you don’t fit into one of the boxes above, but you feel like you’d be a successful SmarterQueue marketer!...

With seamless payouts, transparent reporting, and comprehensive analytics, you'll have the insights you need to maximize your campaigns and achieve unparalleled success

Risk-free. Takes less than 20 seconds!

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