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Marketing Assets

Access SmarterQueue’s Marketing Vault - your go-to resource for free, high-conversion, and professionally designed promotional materials. Elevate your affiliate marketing efforts and captivate your audience with ease…

Marketing Assets


As a valued partner, we’re so excited to grant you access to the Free SmarterQueue Marketing Vault! 

Here you'll find a curated collection of high-conversion assets designed to supercharge your marketing efforts (and bank balance) and drive your audience towards becoming loyal SmarterQueue customers.

Below you'll discover a range of assets that are ranked based on their potential to convert your audience into paying SmarterQueue customers. 

We recommend making a copy of any written assets, editing to your own voice and adding your unique flair to experience increased conversion rates.

Video Review Scripts

Harness the power of video to showcase SmarterQueue in action and build trust with your audience, leading to higher conversion rates.

👉 Click here to access the video review script 👈

Case Studies with Testimonials

Real-world success stories and testimonials provide strong social proof, influencing potential customers to make confident purchasing decisions.

We’ve included customer case studies below. However, for maximum returns, we recommend creating a video of your own journey with SmarterQueue and sharing it on YouTube.

You can then blast this to your audience via email and social.

Want to make even more in commissions? Add this video as a post into your Queue and set it to Evergreen. 

👉 Click here to access SmarterQueue case studies and testimonials 👈

Free Ebooks

Offer valuable educational resources to position yourself as an authority, enticing customers to trust your recommendations and try out the products. Here you'll also find banner ads to promote the free ebook.

👉 Click here to access SmarterQueue's Free Ebooks 👈

Skeleton Articles and Reviews

Share our expertly written and structured articles, editing to your own voice.

The articles and reviews you’ll find in our Marketing Vault provide valuable information, guiding potential customers towards informed purchasing choices.

👉 Click here to access SmarterQueue's free skeleton articles and reviews 👈

Email Templates

Personalized email campaigns establish a direct and engaging connection with your audience, nudging them to take action on becoming a SmarterQueue customer.

👉 Click here to access SmarterQueue's free email templates 👈

Social Media Posts

Engaging social media content sparks curiosity and conversations, directing potential customers to explore the products further.

🌟 If you haven't already CREATE A SMARTERQUEUE ACCOUNT (FREE 30 day trial) and connect your social media accounts. Set up a 'Partner' Category and add the free social media posts below to your Queue with a video or image, make variations and set to Evergreen for the highest conversion rates. See the 'Effective Promotion Strategies' section here in the Partner Portal to further boost your results.

Using SmarterQueue to automate, measure and track your promotion efforts is the easiest and most effective way to increase your passive income.

👉 Click here to access SmarterQueue's free social media posts 👈

Banner Ads

Visually appealing banners capture attention, enticing website visitors to click through and explore your product offerings.

We recommend capturing email addresses on a custom landing page using a free SmarterQueue lead magnet (found within the folder) and creating your own unique offer stack if they purchase a SmarterQueue subscription using your link. 

👉 Click here to access SmarterQueue's free banner ads 👈

High-Resolution Logos

Enhance brand credibility with high-quality logos, subtly influencing potential customers' perceptions.

👉 Click here to access SmarterQueue logos 👈

Team Photos

Want to put a face to SmarterQueue for your audience?

Access our team photos, fostering a greater connection with your audience and subtly encouraging conversions.

👉 Click here to access SmarterQueue team photos 👈

Free Product Mockups

Showcase SmarterQueue in a visually appealing way, sparking interest in potential customers, and encouraging them to consider making a purchase.

👉 Click here to access SmarterQueue's free product mockups 👈

As you embark on your SmarterQueue Partner journey with these high-conversion assets, keep an eye on our Partner Newsletter. 

We'll regularly update the Marketing Vault with new assets, tips, and resources to support your efforts. 

Remember, your audience is unique, so don't hesitate to experiment with different assets and promotional combinations that resonate with your audience. 

Enjoy! Let's elevate your marketing strategy and grow together!

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